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Cherishable Custom Pet Pillow

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"We recently lost our beloved German Shephard, now we can honor and cherish his presence forever" - Gail M., Pet Me More Customer

If your reading this right now there is absolutely NO DOUBT that you love your pet. We know that special warm feeling that comes with pet ownership. Unfortunately most of us also know that our pets won't be around forever, and we are familiar with the heart-wrenching feeling that comes after they are gone.

What if there was a way to honor and cherish your pet's presence for all the further years to come, even after they leave?

Our Cherishable Custom Pet Pillow allows you to take your favorite photos of your pet and turn them into a realistic, soft, cuddly pillow that will last a lifetime

This unique product is the personal, heartfelt answer we all have been looking for to honor our pet's legacy and likeness and to preserve their memory forever.

5 Outstanding Reasons You Will Love These Pillows

🧺Machine Washable - Our Cherishable Custom Pet Pillows will naturally get dirty as they are continually used, lucky for you these pillows are machine washable which ensures you will get lifetime use from them without worrying about damaging or fading.

🎉Celebrate Your Pet's Life - These pillows allow you to retain a vivid portrait of your pet's likeness, even after they pass away. This replica of your pet will live on for eternity and continue to melt your heart day after day

🎁Incredible Gift - Gifting to your friends and family can often be a daunting task. It is easy to feel like the gift you purchased for them may not be to their liking. A personalized pillow of their favorite pet is surely something any pet owner will enjoy heavily. There is nothing in the world like seeing your favorite people ecstatic about your gift!

Quality Design - Our Cherishable Custom Pet Pillows are made with only the finest materials because when it comes to preserving your pet's tradition we know it needs to be specially crafted with care and long-lasting.

🛏️Functional and Comfortable - Not only will this be a great masterpiece to display in your home but it is designed with comfort in mind. Some pillows are just for show and in actuality are not comfortable in the least bit. No choosing between function or form with this product, you get both!

It's time to get your hands on a beautiful, comfortable replica of your favorite pet and ensure they are loved and cherished for eternity.

Imagine This - Your best friend just lost their beloved pet recently, their birthday is today and you've gifted our Cherishable Custom Pet Pillow.

Think about the look on their face when they first open your present and lay eyes on their favorite pet, reborn.

The beautiful moment captured by this thoughtful, heartfelt gift will be in their memory forever.

There are some things in life that will leave an impact in someones mind indefinitely

With our Cherishable Custom Pet Pillows, we are ecstatic to offer the ability to replicate these feelings and moments as we know first hand what they mean and how they feel.

With these quality, comfortable, long-lasting pillows our favorite pets and their legacy will remain for an indefinite amount of years to come.

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