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Stimulating Pet Water Fountain

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"It feels great never having to worry if my fur babies need more water, I know they never go thirsty anymore and it shows" Jessica G. - Pet Me More Customer

Have you ever seen your pet panting heavily on a hot day?

Did you check their water bowl and realize it was empty?

How long was it empty for?

It's a pretty bad feeling knowing your pet may be dehydrated, especially when your at work for over 8 hours of the day.

Did You Know?

🙀 33% of household pets show signs of poor hydration, which can lead to kidney disease and other health issues

🙀 58% of pet water bowls are not cleaned often enough according to veteranarians

What if there was a way to ensure that your favorite furry friend always had access to the water they need to stay hydrated, from a clean source?

It's time to put an end to your pet's dehydration and ensure the water they drink is always filtered, clean and accessible

Five undeniable reasons you need this fountain:

🚰 Proper Pet Hydration - Ensure your pet NEVER runs out of water again with our pet water fountain, which keeps a constant flow of water for every time your pet gets thirsty

💖 Keep Your Pet Healthy - Continued poor pet hydration will lead to kidney disease and an assortment of other health issues. Our stimlulating pet water fountain will prevent these issues from occuring.

🐈 Promotes Drinking More Often - The sound of flowing water can peak your pet's natural instincts which will lead to more frequent drinking and ultimately a healthier lifestyle for your pet

Cleaner Drinking - The filtered design of our stimulating pet water fountain ensures your pet is always drinking the highest quality, cleanest water they have ever encountered. No more tap water for your favorite fur pal!

Less Stress - Never fear your pet panting heavily in the house while your away or at work anymore! You can confidently be rest assured that your pet has all the water they will need throughout the day, which means one less thing to stress about in your busy life.

It's time to experience the new, better way to keep your pet hydrated

Take a moment to think about it...

How many times have you looked in your pet's water bowl and seen how dirty it is?

How long did your pet drink from that bowl before you realized it was dirty?

Consider all those moments you came home from work on a hot day and open the door only to find your pet is visibly dehydrated and the water bowl is EMPTY. How bad did you feel for your best furry friend?

Think about how you would react if you found out your pet had kidney disease from continued dehydration...

With our Stimulating Pet Water Fountain, you no longer have to worry about the dehydration of your pet.

With a filtered, constantly flowing source of clean, bacteria free water in your home for your pet's enjoyment you can focus more on the other things that undoubtedly need attention in your life. You can be stress free knowing your pet always is well hydrated and healthy for years to come.


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